Stupid, Stupid, STUPID

I am so the person of "once was." I am horrible at thinking something would be better if, like if I get braces, that will be cool. I don't know what I was thinking. My teeth are in excruciating pain. I have the braces that you can remove, and every time I snap them on or off my teeth, it's all I can do to not punch the wall...or myself for having this stupid idea of perfecting my teeth.

These braces work by having you wear what looks like a retainer for several weeks and then you switch the next one. The very first tray nearly did me in, and I remember looking in the mirror thinking, "Yeah, what have I done." I accidentally skipped about 24 hours two days ago without wearing a tray on the week that I would be going to the orthodontist. I knew that would come back to haunt me. My teeth aren't quite as positioned as they were, and this new tray is KILLING ME.

Yeah, I may have to hurt somebody.


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