A Not So Sobering Post

I’m totally blogging this thing drunk. Okay, drunk is a strong word; one that I would often say I’ve never been. I’m blogging buzzed. Well buzzed. I’m feeling much better. I attended a birthday get together for a friend/former co-worker. I decided, yesterday, that I would be drinking today. I’ve mentioned that I’m a bit of a planner. I planned on this feeling because I kind of needed it.

Can I say the word “single” equates to two words when mentioned to the opposite sex: Raw Meat. That’s totally what they hear. The scoot their stools a little closer and suddenly, I totally need another shot. I can smell their testosterone a hundred feet away. One guy kept rubbing up against my butt and told me that I had a nice one. He was probably approaching fifty. I knew it would be a long night.

There were belly dancers at the bar. I took pictures. Providing they’re not too blurry, I shall add them. There were discussions of the appropriate amount of sex married couples should have. Their numbers always disappoint me and add another imaginary chalk point to my ongoing list of reasons to not marry.

Another coworker was trying to explain what I was like to a third party. The word HERMIT came out. That has never been an aspiration of mine, just so you know. I never wanted to fly jets with the name HERMIT stamped across my helmet. Hermit. That’s just so sad. And to think I just assumed that I was avoiding office drama.


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