My Weekend, My Night

I took a quick trip home this weekend back to Memphis. My main purpose in doing so was to host a baby shower for my best friend. Another reason was to get the VACUUM CLEANER. Talk about having to suppress every urge you ever had. Whew.

When I was hosting the shower, I continually had to answer the question, "But aren't you lonely?" and there was such a look of utter sympathy on each individual's face. I felt like the conversation was something like, "We heard you had leukemia, you poor thing. How are you coping?" There was just that much concern on everyone's face. I had to continually reassure everyone that I am OKAY. I haven't been lonely for even a fraction of a second. In fact, I kind of keep wondering how other people manage to keep a household afloat because I struggle with just myself. I am jamming things into about every minute of the day, so much so, I haven't really soaked it all in just yet. I haven't even blogged about it. Proof, I would say.

In other news of my weekend, I had my going away party from some of my closer friends at my part-time job. There were even some gifts presented to me, and before I opened each one, I would carefully nose around the contents and then ask with a raised brow, "Is it dirty? Am I gonna be embarrassed?" After the third time, Tiffany said, "If you wanted it to be dirty, girl, you just should have told us. We could have gotten you some motor oil and a box of condoms."

There was also CAKE, which if you've never read my blog, I am like, The Queen of Cake. I could be woken from a coma if someone said the word, "Cake." I was presented with the biggest cake I have ever seen. It was from Costco's and OH MY GOD, it was the BEST CAKE. [Please refer to evidence below and let's all salivate over that mother-load of icing.]

I left the restaurant with more than half of the cake. When I arrived in Atlanta a mere two days later with the leftovers, I had received only four pieces of it. Talk about getting the shaft.

This is Michael, who previously, was rekindling a lost love with Billy Idol's hair. Here, he makes me ponder what that shirt is really suggesting since he's gay. I whispered to one girl, Lindsey, "Okay, I wanna wear that shirt. It would give it a whole, new meaning."

Michael is also signing my card. Shhhh!

Bill wanted to hold these plates like he had breasts, so we let him because we're a cool group like that. Tiffany had shown off her talent with icing from a tube. I wonder where she has practiced that before.

The closest of my friends....

[Wipes tear] Me, Tiffany (Tiff), Bill, & Lindsey

*Lindsey, should you ever see this picture, I'm know I'm going to get a stern talking to about this shot & your facial expression, but it's the only one where I looked good, and that was way more important. And when I say good, I totally mean not as bad as the rest of shots.


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