So Much for Winning

My friends took me out tonight, and it was absolutely fabulous. They all suffered through a round of glow-in-dark putt-putt and cosmic bowling to celebrate my birthday. Apparently, they truly love me, for those kinds of events are only fun when you gather a group. So, someone was actually listening to all my whinning of "let's do ----" sometime. That makes me happy. I managed to pick up the dinner tab, which pleased me. I was glad they all made it out to see me. It's rare when all your loved ones can get together these days.

I did try to explain the rules for the game playing. It is important that the birthday girl wins, and it's also important that you don't demonstrate you are letting her win. The second rule was never applied due to the first not being followed. We only kept score bowling. I managed to finish my first game with a 99, and both the boys beat me by 20; however, EVERYONE beat me on the second game. I was injured by my second turn. I managed to break my thumb nail at least five times. I'm now left with a nub, which is rather sore. And to think I administered a manicure before the big event.

I'm now the proud owner of a guitar stand & The Godfather boxed set. So, hows about that....


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