Mom, watch me!

At my job, I am responsible for tracking insurance. The day the policies expire, I am typically on the phone with numerous agents to ensure renewals and request certificates. There is one agency that is always so nice to work with. I usually work with one girl, but she was out of the office today, so I got someone new (to me). After a few phone calls back and forth, I thought about how nice both of these girls were. A lot of times when I call, agents seem annoyed that they have to pull files or deal with fax machines, which I can totally relate to, but it is my job. I have to make sure our institution is protected at all times. Anyway, I got to thinking that I should call their boss and tell them he has some great girls working for him. As soon as I asked for their manager, I got nervous. I was really hoping I'd get voicemail or could just e-mail him. He picked up the phone, and I immediately felt like a big cheese ball, but I went ahead and told him how much I enjoyed working with his agency & both girls. He was also extremely polite and thanked me for calling him & letting him know. At the very least, I hope he tells those girls that someone out there really appreciates their hard work. And maybe when they get reviewed, he'll remember that their customers are grateful for them.

I often get e-mails where our customers thank me for my work, and many of them thank me for my efficiency and promptness--sometimes offering me jobs though I'm sure they aren't serious. It always makes me feel good. I sometimes wish my boss would get to see that though. I don't think he knows that about me, and it's a little hard & perhaps childish to want to go into his office and say, "Look, look. They think I'm good! This person was impressed with me."

We should all pass the thank yous onto the people who matter.