Fleeting Memories

Making out with Michael Horner on the diving board; fireworks; ice skating on the frozen ditch water; flashlight-hide-and-go-seek; circus in the backyard; mixing up quick sand; catching tadpoles; the clubhouse made from skids of sod; endless walks with Wes Ward; the trampoline at Jeremy's house; running away from home...to the ditch at the end of the street; Bonkers candy; trading stickers; falling over on my bike with my shoelaces caught in the pedals; pecan pie from John Eason's house; walking through the cow pastures; picnics at the pond; Bandit; bike ramps; the smell of fresh-cut grass; catching rides to school; barbed wire fences; muddin' in the Cherokee; volleyball; surgery on my knee with my Mom & Mrs. Ward; scrubbing hoses (don't ask); the weeping willow tree; Jolly Rancher sticks; swimming at the Presley's; the funeral for Rusty; picking up horse apples; the smell of Mrs. Ward's perfume; winding Brunswick; Jeremy breaking my new bike; getting shot with a bee bee gun.

"Dear oldster, do you ever think of your past?"


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