Bow Before This

I just dropped the "Queen Mother" (as dooce has dubbed it) mixed with a little bit of a religious reference, and everyone outside my office heard me. And since I live in the South, there was a lot of air gasping, so much so, some might have noticed a shortness of breath in the Dakotas.

All I can say is the Mellon Investor Services can kiss my bare ass. It took me five phones calls, with each one being greeted by an obnoxious litany of choices that did not apply to me combined with angry button punching--the kind where each number you punch requires you to hold down the button for at least ten seconds & then the computer responds with "that was not a valid entry"--only to finally get me in touch with a human being to be told I needed to call another number.

Does that not make you want to drop the queen?


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