My Sister

My sister and I aren't close. She's kind of, well, she's weird to me. You can read about how weird, here. My parents and I were eating lunch together yesterday, and they inquired if I'd heard what my sister did to my brother-in-law. I told them I hadn't.

She basically fed him food that she knew was SPOILED, which left him lurching over the toilet for an entire night. He ate some meat that had been in the fridge for an undisclosed (read: LONG) period of time and some chocolate chip cookies from dough that I prepared for her. The dough was mixed together some time before Christmas, and these cookies were probably baked about two, maybe three days ago.

The really sad part is that we were all horrified at what my sister did. My mother stated that my sister didn't really care. She thinks your body just expels spoiled contents in various (though disgusting and unpleasant) ways, but that you get "used to it."

Then my dad brought up a better point, "He could have just said no."

True. But I think about that moment in time when she pulled that shit on me. I was over at her apartment some years ago and spied a cookie from the Cookie Co. still in the original paper sleeve. Being the lover of all things made from sugar, I said, "Ohhh, can I have this cookie?" When my sister replied that I could, I should have known to step away from the cookie. She's not normally nice, and this is the same girl that wouldn't share her Crayola® crayons or her stone-washed denim with me back in the 80s. Why is she sharing a dessert now? So, I proceeded to take a bite of the cookie, and it broke off into my mouth with a hard thud, nearly damaging my pearly whites. I said, "Oh, dear God. Is this to cookie that I bought you WEEKS ago?" She giggled, "Yeah."


Blogger PB said...

Sounds like your sister has a sadistic streak, Jeni. Sadists enjoy the suffering of others, whether sex is involved or not.

No matter why she behaves that way, it can't be much fun for the victims of her "pranks."

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