As If I Weren't Already Happy Enough

I have:
(a) Successfully installed internet onto the laptop
(b) Managed to change the belt on the vacuum cleaner
(c) Changed out the head to the mop

It's almost like God is telling me that I could actually be equipped to be a mom or something.

I said almost.


Blogger PB said...

Did you say "mom"? My, your change of scenery is certainly expanding your paradigm.

Got any suitors scratching at your door yet? I can't imagine how you could go very long without catching the eye of some Adonis.

8:46 PM  
Blogger Jeni said...

I'm really not mom material, I assure you. I didn't inherit the gene for it.

There have been a few whistles and such, an unwanted suitor, and then the other boy, which I unfortunately don't see enough.

So how was the birthday?

9:03 PM  
Blogger PB said...

Started out great; ended up painful. Looking back on it, though, I was able to see the good in the bad.

Sometimes, the universe wraps its gifts in adversity. I wasn't expecting a cosmic lesson for my birthday, but it turned out to be the most valuable gift I received.

I hope Mr. Right shows up soon. I ordered him for you a couple of weeks ago. This must be a busy time at the Shiva Distribution Center. Be patient. (-;

10:23 AM  

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