Boy Crazy

I never considered myself one to miss the past; however, recently, that seems to be all that is on my mind. I turned twenty-five this year, and in the past few months, all I can think about are the things I will never get to expierence again.

Things that I can actually remember in high school:
-Trying so hard to catch up to this really hot guy, also known as Wes Ward, that I missed more than the intended couple of stairs and landed on my knees.
-Taking my camera on the last day of school and making my girlfriends hide me while I snapped shots of guys that were so totally hot I could never have talked to them.
-Running into Daxton Grubb or at least getting as close as possible just to smell his Eternity drenched body.
-Bragging about running into Daxton Grubb to several girls while he was behind me and thought I was the biggest nerd ever.
-Counting the number of times my then boyfriend kissed me at school by marking it on my hands, which he totally figured out and I completely denied...even to this day.
-Racing out of English class just to catch my first ex-boyfriend's little brother's attention, in hopes he would fall madly in love with me and his brother would want me back.
-Making out with my date in the movie theater so much that to this very day, the smell of popcorn on anyone's breath sometimes turns my stomach.
-Falling on the steps at my prom and grabbing someone's ass in front of me to keep my balance.
-Violently throwing up (through my nostrils) at our Winterfest dance while the table behind me stood and cheered me on and my date dry heaved beside me as he watched.
-Dancing to some tribel type music from the Lion King like a crazy fool with my eyes closed and being busted by a hot senior.
-Dousing myself in perfume and applying make-up in sixth period so my then boyfriend would take me to his house where we could make out for thirty minutes before my parents would notice I was late.


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