A Lose-Lose Situation

Sometimes exaggeration helps to get a point across, but today, I want to be completely honest. And rather than build up the suspense, I'm just going to put it out there on the table.

A customer and I were talking. I was chatting, working our new systems like an old pro, and writing things down when the top from my ink pen decided it didn't want to rest peacefully atop the pen like a good cap would. Suddenly, without warning, my pen top decided to commit suicide and dive bomb into the chasm that is betwixt my breasts right in front of the customer. I was speechless. I was wearing a v-neck shirt and a RED pen top just flew into my shirt. (Enters the lose-lose situation.) Do I take the high road and say, "Excuse me, it looks like my pen top is trying to get fresh with me." That would definitely put all my cards on the table. Though, there is this slight chance that he didn't see it. Look, I said it was slight. He didn't say anything, and I was a little too troubled to make direct eye contact with him to see if we were supposed to be communicating telepathically. I prentended it didn't happen. It was all I could do. I wasn't prepared to go digging in my shirt in front of a customer. I just wasn't. However, I am completely aware that he was probably thinking I didn't notice the piece of plastic that had just made new living arrangements in between my boobs.

A real man would not have missed such an opportunity to help a young lady out.