I Couldn't Stop Myself

From becoming a member of the Matchbox Twenty fanclub. Even though I am at the ripe age of twenty-five, which is much, much too old to be in any fan club, because it's something you spend your allowance on when you're thirteen, I had to do it. I'm a huge fan of Rob Thomas. I drool over him like a slobbering fool, and I'm very aware of my ovaries when I see him.

I just dropped a significant amount of money to land me floor tickets, where I'm trying to pray to Rob Thomas to let me get super-duper close, as in I can see eye color, catch a mist of sweat, and maybe a whiff of his body odor too. I once saw the band at a pretty small venue here, and I managed to skip several rows to what will probably remain the closest I ever get to Rob; however, I'm seriously considering buying one of their vacation packages. If I have to buy my way to touch Rob Thomas, then so be it.

I'm such a teeny bopper.


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