Shift Damn It! Shift!

I had a long weekend, but somehow, it seemed to pass all too quickly. I tried to capture it and mark things to remember about it, somehow hoping it would make the time go by slower and each moment more memorable. I traveled to see my best friend that moved away about a month ago. It was my first visit to see her, and really, my first visit to the city. The drive was bearable, and I had hoped to make good time and surprise her, but I managed to miss a turn and get myself lost. I called her for help, but she was unfamiliar with the new city. After adding fifteen or so minutes to the drive, we figured out my location, and two U-turns later, I was finally back on track.

I woke up Sunday morning to huge snowflakes raining down. They were so beautiful. I hadn't seen snow fall like that in years. Part of me was wishing that the snow would stick but realizing that I would have to drive home in it was enough to know otherwise.

Most of my weekend was filled with uncontrollable laughter, and part of it was filled with reflection and sadness. My best friend has taught me so much about life and about myself. I have seen things in me that I no longer wish to be there. I once criticized her for showing me such things because I didn't think I would ever be able to conquer them; I considered certain aspects of my personality as staples, and the knowledge of knowing them wouldn't ever change the fact I had them.

Today, I stand corrected. Maybe that was a coward's argument; Maybe, I was just too afraid to fail. In the end, the correction of one thing is simply an improvement. If I fail, I am no worse off, but if I do succeed, then I make steps in the right direction. There is only stagnation and possibility, and if I had a choice, possibility is always a better risk.


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