Bring on the 80s

Yes, I've covered the topic of my hair at length here, yet, it keeps coming up. I wore my hair with all of its natural spiral curls today, and everyone keeps telling me they like it, which makes me think the other 330 days I spend straightening it, I'm actually making it worse. It could also be that it is such a drastic change, people feel obligated to notice it. Like if I came in here with bleached hair, more than likely, someone would lie through their teeth to pay me a compliment only because it would be one of those situations where they know that I know that they know I have done something "new" to my locks.

One coworker just complimented my hair in front of my boss, and my boss goes, "She looks great. It looks wild!" I told my boss earlier that this is my "porn star hair," and she died laughing but assured me it was more rock star than porn star.


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