My 'Meller

I was watching the Oprah Show today thanks to the great inventions of our time (TiVo, or something like it). Oprah had Dr. Mehmet Oz as a guest on her show so that you could see inside your body, literally. There were about a dozen organs, some of which were in doubles so you could see "this is your brain on drugs, any questions?" only it was your body's various organs when you smoke, overeat, or stress yourself needlessly. It all reminded me of my anatomy and physiology class in college where I dissected an entire cat, a mouse, a lamb's kidney, and I believe a lamb's brain. I was also amazed that Oprah never commented on the smell of the organs as she had her face a few inches away because I could almost smell it through the damn television.

I found the most fascinating part of the show when they looked at the human brain. Dr. Oz mentioned that when you smell things, you don't actually process that with your brain, you use your lower brain where your emotions are stored, and that is the reason why you immediately start associating smells with memories. He said, "When you smell things, it hits you deep down. It hits your emotions."

As I have grown older, I realized that my sense of smell is very keen, and perhaps it is slightly better than those around me. I walked into the kitchen the other day as my mother was heating up some leftovers, but all I could smell was blueberries, and the scent was so strong to me. I started to sniff all around the room, and said, "I smell...I smell blueberry muffins or something." She started laughing and looked amazed and then admitted to having blueberry yogurt earlier. She also uttered something like, "Remind me to never fart in your vicinity."

I know exactly how every single one of my friends smell. I know their homes & their cars. I can even differentiate retail stores, especially ones I have worked in, even from a few years ago. I know the smell of the hotel I stay in at Atlanta. I can pick up the outdoors' scent on anyone who has stepped foot outside. When I'm at work, I know if coworkers are there just by the smells in the hallway, which is almost creepy. Nothing seems to escape me.

Ironically, I can't quite capture my own scent. The one compliment I receive the most is on my smell. I have a variety of perfumes, over twenty (conservative estimate there), and I have a habit of combining two at a time. One of my managers always greets me with his nose buried by my neck. He takes a deep breath and says, "You always smell so good!" It makes me laugh because I do that to just about any guy wearing cologne, only from a safe five feet, at least. I will walk by the men's counter to spray cologne on my finger and wipe it on my nose just so I can sniff the good stuff. I'm very addicted to smelling. In fact, of all five senses, that one might just be the greatest and richest for me. When people move into and out of my life, what I miss most is their smell.


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