The Gift of Sight

Lately, my eyes have been seeing double. I stare, and I blink, and press my eyelids tight in hopes that my contacts will flush and rest on my eyes properly, but nothing seems to help much. I can't get the clarity that I seek. There are no more sharp lines, just muted ones that blur into other colors. It's very frustrating. In fact, it just makes me want to close my eyes for good. I'm quite certain that fifteen years spent on a computer have worsened the effects. Combine that with the fact I spend at least another eight or nine hours each day now staring at a computer screen, and I should be blind in the next five years.

The other day, as I walked by some of the girls I work with to my car, I thought there was a pretty good chance they would notice me climbing into my car and not leaving. It's no secret that I covet a good car nap. Yesterday, the weather was a cool fifty degrees with the sun shining and the clearest of blue skies. I opened my sunroof, reclined my driver's seat, and listened to Tori Amos. I hold that as one of the best hours of my life.


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