My Mona Lisa

As a Taurus, I'm not really supposed to have a lot of friends. It goes against my social capabilities, actually. True to my sign, I think there are only a handful of people who know me, and as I grow older, I realize very, very few ever understand me. If you asked me to list my friends, I would be quick to panic thinking that I only have one, or perhaps, two. But sometimes, they come out of the woodwork, and it is a great blessing. I met up with an old girlfriend tonight that I had practically lost touch with in the past four years. We used to work together, and as a result, spent virtually every weekend together.

I had such a fabulous time with her tonight. There were things about her that remained just as I had remembered, and then there were things about her she had completely changed. We laughed about so many old times, which brought up more memories than I ever thought I had. I like tapping into my brain's resources like that. As I grow older, I realize how precious those things are. I need the triggers to make me realize that the dust hasn't settled on my life just yet. I have made people laugh once or twice, and this pleases me to no end. I never give much thought to how anyone will remember me. I think I've always been too concerned with what I allow them to see at the moment. I am always misinterpreted.

I want my friends to know that my heart swells with love for them even though I may never show it. I have it tucked away, some place deep and well protected. It's special to me because I don't show it. I treasure it like a secret that should only be whispered in the dark.


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