American Express Can Eat Shit

For two years, two stinking years of my life, I have purchased and paid methodically with my Starwood American Express card. The first year, there was no annual fee; and the second, I made sure to call before my anniversary date to CANCEL the card, but they looked at my payment history and said they really wanted to keep me as a customer. While they couldn't waive the fee, they could offer me a credit. So, I kept the card. But this year, they decided to charge my annual membership EARLY. So when I called about it, they refused to work with me. They would not "negotiate the fee" or even credit me so much as five dollars. They offered to switch me to a no annual fee card, but my points didn't accumulate in the same manner. While it was tempting, I was already too pissed to surrender. So, I told them they could cancel my card.

And they did.

And I hate having my bluff called like that.

I want that fucking card. And I'm not willing to pay to have it.

Damn them. Damn them all.

My free Hawaii vacation is now like two years away.


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