Because I Always Wanted to be Remembered as a Person Who Kept Her Word & Because I Can Finally Post Pictures

This is what front row looks like. Alanis is an awesome artist, but not such an awesome performer. She stands like that, holding her hands, kind of wringing them, or she nervously paces from one side of the stage to the other, in giant (did I say GIANT?) strides. Snapping her picture is nearly impossible, unless she's doing this pose for you. There's not much of a connection with the audience, but I still love her.

Oh, and I did meet her backstage. Unfortunately, my best friend and I had to have our "meet and greet" with another twosome. They wouldn't let you photograph anything either, which totally sucked. And the other two girls gave her a gift and started to interview her. I shook her hand and just said "hello." So much for me getting to smother her like I had planned, and I say that in an I-just-adore-you kind of way, not in an I-want-to-literally-suffocate-you way.


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