Belated Wishes

As I was picking my room up tonight, I came across a birthday card from this past May. I've been moving the card around my room because I have decided I'm going to frame it. On the front of the card is a black & white photograph of a cute, little kitten inside a pot. When you open the card, it reads, "For your birthday, I grew you a cat."

My friend added this:

Ok, I am lying. We both know that I can't even keep a cactus alive. On a more serious note, I think we are all in agreeance that this is a big day for you--a mildstone, if you will. You will soon be 25, a quarter-century old. It seems like just yesterday you were a feisty young lass of 24. How time flies!

I am at a loss for words and now find myself caught between a needle and a haystack. That a Chatty Cathy like me would be stricken mute truly is a paradoxical dichotomy. And now, I am making a last stitch effort to convey how much your friendship has enriched my life. May you have a lifetime of wonderful birthdays and never get jiffed on the presents.

Your Biggest Fan,
Operations Support

There are no less than ten inside jokes in that card, some of which can be noticed by anyone who enjoys the English language and peoples' misuse of it. And to top it off, she typed it in Andy font, which happens to be one of my favorites.

I have read that card more than twenty times, and each time, I smile. I hope my memory can hold onto each joke for many years to come. That would be an extra special birthday gift.


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