An Honest Surprise

About this time last year, D was being recruited for a job in Texas. We hadn't been together that long, but the thought of him moving was completely freaking me out, silently, for the most part. Being completely impressed with his intelligence, accomplishments, education, and background, I pretty much assumed that any company that even so much as met him would offer him an insane proposal that would put me into a odd predicament.

The scheduling happened so fast, that it happened to be timed in line when one of his best friends was coming out to Atlanta. In a whirlwind, he had to leave for the interview, come home the next night, pick up his friend and friend's wife, and bring them back to his place to finish out their working vacation. To complicate matters, we had met his friends for lunch, and I ended up accidentally keeping his wallet, which he kind of needed in order to catch a plane. That was one of many frustrations I caused him that he should have killed me for. I rushed out of work early, grabbed some work clothes, and prayed to Jesus to help me with traffic. I ended up making it in time, and he ended up getting through the hell of Atlanta's airport.

Exhausted from the stress, I took a long nap in his bed, and woke up to the sun setting through his bathroom window. I walked around and decided I should at least run the vacuum cleaner, and before I knew it, I had cleaned the entire house. I didn't do it for any special gratitude. It was just if the situation were reversed, I would have been freaking out over not getting to clean my house before company arrived. I noticed the above on his refrigerator, and my heart melted. I had no idea when he wrote that little tidbit, and even though it shocked me that my name was on the list, I was more warmed by the fact I came before the dogs given just how much he loves them.



I went to Atlanta's aquarium last June. I was so excited to have a chance to actually photograph something, and then my camera died within about five shots. I just finished uploading all of my pictures (a bit late, eh), and I found this little gem. I was astounded by how much color came through and how much I actually liked it.


My Love Affair with Mark

Today, I am finally getting to see my beloved hair stylist, Mark. I have to admit that I love him. Like I love him enough, I'd nearly offer to carry his child, and not just because he's hot. The love. It's deep. I haven't gotten to lust after him properly because he ended up almost killing himself on a motorcycle last year. He's been not-cutting-my hair for six months (perhaps longer), and I was forced to cheat on him once with an overpriced hair stylist who doesn't possess his magician-like hands, and she somehow ended up giving one of the most OCD people on the plant an asymmetrical cut, which I was over on day 2. I'm not sure why I agreed to that one. I think it was because she has this incredibly cute British accent, so I sit there with a smile on my face and just nod at her a lot.

I have been so excited about this date, I have been dreaming about him. I got my calendar all mixed up and thought I was going last Thursday. I feel like I'm six and waiting for Christmas all over again. Either way, I'm looking forward to staring at lusting after his hands (because he has long, slender fingers that I love on dudes) and smelling his hands, which smell like shampoo and sometimes a hint of cigarette smoke. I often fantasize about how great it would be to be married to him and have him dry & flat iron my hair in the morning. I think I would perform sexual acts just for that benefit. I hope his woman appreciates that one.