So Much for the Geek Techs

My mother calls me from the hotel in SFO to tell me that my father has bought her another necklace. She says he got her a Baccarat necklace, one that is so new, they can't get it in. So, I'm trying to find it on the web because I want to see what my inheritance looks like, and the Baccarat site doesn't seem to feature what she has described. So, I move to Netscape and search "Baccarat," with an immediate blocked message from my work. I try Google. Same response. I think, "Why would they have blocked jewelry? That is so gay." Then it dawns on me. Apparently, the geek techs have confused the jewelry name with gambling--bacarat. What idiots.
Another Note to Self

Do not, I repeat, do not watch movies about finding your lost love that will cause you to pass a stone.


Serioulsy, that thing just took a year off of my life.


First Impressions

One of my neighbor's asked me out a few weeks back. He asked for my number, but I was late for work, so I told him that I would give it to him later, and I honestly meant that. As I returned from work, he came walking towards me in so much biker gear that I didn't even realize it was him. I guess he takes that protection thing seriously. I invited him over and he took a quick look around my loft. I had assumed he had a loft as well since he was next door, but I was wrong. He invited me to come see his massive two bedroom. I was drooling over all his space and noticed how clean and organized he was. I said, "You're military, aren't you?" He said, "Well, yeah, I used to be." As we talked further, I said, "Are you a Virgo by any chance," and I so clearly know maybe like 5-6 of the zodiac signs. He paused and bowed his head, "Yeah, how'd you know?"

I'm getting good, baby.
Note to Self

A bad thing about this job, a really bad thing about this job...the music selection of one of my co-workers. It's like dentist office music. Right now, I'm being assaulted with "Higher Love" by Steve Winwood, which I used to think was "Bring me a pie of love." I will defend that misinterpretation because dude takes a serious syllable break when he says "High-UUU love." (Pie and high are easily switched.) You know I'm right.

I was at her desk the other day, and shook my head. "What is this crap that you are listening to? Is-Is that Kenny G?" She starts to laugh and says, "Yeah, Let me turn it down." I just looked at her in disbelief. "You want to kill me, don't you?"


How Have We Been Friends

I am currently sitting with my legs crossed listening the sounds of the waterfalls at the apartment complex. It's actually a really nice night with perfect weather that doesn't even possess a hint of humidty, thanks to that tropical storm in Florida. I just got off the phone with my girlfriend. She was in that excited state of drunkeness that I love so much. That state where everything is funny and your body feels so good that you just want to pass out. That's one of my most favorite states to be in. My cheeks start to ache from all the smiling, and I'm really not a smiling kind of creature, if you haven't noticed.

She was recounting her evening where a Nick Lachey look-alike waited on her at the bar. She tells me that he had tattoos and really nice arms. I immediately said, "Okay, that's my type. What the hell do you think you're doing?" As the conversation continues, she also divulges that she has always loved Tommy Lee. I nearly fell off the couch as I screamed with questioning inflection, "TOMMY LEE!" wherein the whole apartment complex heard me. I know he was cool in the late 80s with Motely Crue, and she is totally the poster child for the 80s, but I had no idea she ever appreciated Tommy Lee's rock-star looks. As if she hadn't already shocked me enough, she confesses that Kidd Rock isn't too shabby either, wherein I recalled that she said he was white trash when I told her that I was smitten with him from the get go. She has assured me that she doesn't go for tattoos. She likes these boys "in spite of their tattoos."

I get the feeling that I never knew her at all.


Dreaming of Green

I know that as soon as I type this and see it in "print," I will say to myself, "What were you thinking," but I'm seriously weighing my options and thinking of getting a third job. Now, I haven't had three jobs since probably two years ago, where I worked a side job for myself. It didn't last long, but it netted me a couple extra hundred bucks and helped my savings account. Other than that, the tri-arena of work really hasn't been tested since my college days. I worked retail and worked for a doctor's office where I could make my own hours. With a full load of courses, that office job was a God send. I tried to work a third retail job, but it was impossible to get my managers to schedule around each other. I really think I could do it again though. My second part-time job has no flexibility to the scheduling. I have had the same shifts now going on either five or six weeks. With hours like that, I could easily fit something else into the schedule.

I've tossed this idea around some folks here, and I keep hearing, "Don't get burn out." But what's an extra 10 or 15 hours, really? I begged for work when I was 15. I could not wait to get a job. After graduating college, I took my senior trip, and I was working full time by the end of May. I really don't think I would know what to do if I couldn't or didn't work. I tend to get greedy when I look at my savings account. I just start getting competitive with it. In high school, I loaned money out once, and I kind of got the feeling I would have been a great loan shark, except for that whole thing about taking people out when they don't pay you back on time. I was kind of missing that crucial step in the plan.

I'm crazy, right?