Hotel Happiness, 10/06/99

Between the lines, between the sheets,
I hear your petal soft lips whisper my dreams.
But with every breath,
I see deeper into your soul.
Your lying eyes tell the truth—
Ever so softly.

If I close my eyes, push the words
I pretend this moment will last.
But I still read between the lines,
Even though we are between the sheets.


Fire in the Sky

Boston, March 2002

One of the few cities I have managed to see more than once. Both times, it was incredibly cold, which made me feel incredibly warm. I walked alongside the river one night until I could no longer feel my legs. The city lights just glistened in the river's reflection, while snow & ice crunched under my feet. Boston is a fascinating city.


Just to Let You Know the Size of Her Heart

Last night I was talking with my best friend. She commented that Vince Vaughn was coming to town for some sort of comedy thing. I then said something along the lines that he was dating Jennifer Aniston. As we both professed our love of him, I gave her a pep talk and said, "You should go for him." She then shoots back something stating that Jennifer has already been through enough & that she could keep Vince. Though I started to giggle uncontrollably, I had to admit, her heart is one of the biggest I've ever seen.
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I was once admiring the tiny filaments of a suspended light at my part-time job. As I was thinking what a cool shot it would be with a camera much better than the one I own, a couple interrupted with a question. When I looked at them, all I could see where purple splotches of light bulbs. I kept blinking and blinking while intently trying to focus on their faces. They probably thought I had been doing drugs in the back room.


Jeni Porn

This is what you do when you can't decide on one shot.


The Hair

And me having too much fun with software. Forgive me.


Under the Tracks



Possilby, one of the sweetest moms to ever be.


A Wish

Dear Steven,

I want you to know just how much knowing you has meant to me. You have taught me so much about myself and let me discover what it truly means to love someone.

This entry is just for you, that guy that I never talk about. And because it seems that our history has been fragmented, I hope that you will be able to read this entry any time that you choose and look at these pictures with good memories. It kind of feels like we've grown up together.

May today not be another Ground Hog Day. Happy 27th Birthday.

One of the absolute best days I ever spent with you was in this very pool.

When you think something is totally cool.

Have you had more hairstyles than me?

Courtesy of your sister, I believe.

I love this picture.


Love always,

P.S. Be safe in Iraq.

I remember all of this like it was just yesterday.


My Mini Beating Heart

She was mine for a day, and I loved her. She already suffered a cracked windshield and didn't even have 5,000 miles on her. I gave her a bath because she was so cute. I just wanted to pinch her cheeks off. She looked good in my garage too.




I contemplated irony-
the irony of her condition,
the irony of your decision,
the irony of your demands,
all the ironies at hand,
what you chose to leave,
what I chose to grieve,
what you reasoned was right,
what I reasoned at night,
all the promises that were broken,
all the paths that were chosen,
all the things that could be,
all these things without me.





Cousin Dillon, now nicknamed, Pickle


Green Tea


The Very Middle of Nowhere