ALT+Print Screen

I'm sure most people who might ever read this post are going to think I'm a dork, and I fully support their opinion, but learning how to capture a screen shot has CHANGED MY LIFE. It's like a bazillion times better than cutting and pasting. And I had asked people how to perform this function several years ago. No one could ever give me the answer.

I think I've found true love. I'm screen shooting all over the place.
Apologies, Apologies

Nothing like yelling, "Ohhh, I'm gonna kick someone's ACE!" because you think that your spreadsheet is on letterhead. Especially when it turns out that your spreadsheet is on the paper you needed and that someone is standing next to you laughing.


The Depth of This Despair

I really can't remember the last time that I was truly in a bad mood, but now that I am, I'm wondering how long it lasts. I can't even pinpoint anything that has put me in this state of mind. I'm just sitting here with a burning sensation in my neck because I spend too many (countless) hours working on computers. It feels totally hormonal, and I say that only because it feels "uncontrollable" in the sense that I can't recognize why I feel like this. In fact, about the only thing I can picture making this day better is going home to sleep. I'm frustrated and feel like I want to wiggle free from some sort of constraint that's around me.

Snow Patrol hasn't even lifted my spirits. This hole is deep, baby.


Common, Common Sense

I do not enjoy the fact that when I question what topics a high-profile speaker like Steve Forbes will be covering at a company-arranged event, I get the profound answer "financial ones." As if I thought he might be addressing sexually transmitted diseases.



All you have to say to me is that my desk looks messy, and I promise you that it will be immaculate before you can even inhale oxygen again.