Keep Your Fingers Crossed

Here goes nothing. Let me get back to my roots.

Monday officially marks the ebb. I can feel it.


Southern Charm

I wanted to make sure I give proper credit--proper credit to my day, that is. I'm not a big fan of Sundays. I typically feel pressure to get things done before the weekend has completely passed me by; however, I also feel I must soak up every last second to enjoy my time off. It's a vicious battle that I'm often waging on myself. But today!...well, today was different. I said a tiny prayer I'd be extra busy. There's nothing worse than watching the clock go by with absolutely nothing to do. Well, I take that back. That's a dandy fine thing to do when you're not working. All this to say, work was fun & busy. I got great customers and gave great service. My hair even looked good, especially good considering I was brave enough to face the public with not having done a thing to it. (That sounded awfully southern.) I was even complimented on it, but that wasn't the best of my day. Nope. I spied a cute little boy blowing me a kiss as I drove by. Now that can make a girl's day. I caught a huge genuine smile on my face that stayed there for a least a few minutes. On me, that is truly priceless, way more so than Mastercard.


Stocking the Future

Sometimes, how my day forms itself really mesmerizes me. When I wake up in the morning, my first thought is always that I should have gotten to bed earlier. My second thought is to get going and that I'm already behind. As soon as I'm ready to leave, I'm usually a little miffed that my mother is still sound asleep and has the entire day to get things done at home. In my case, there is always something to be done. That's how life is, right?

Today, even the slightest chance that I might change my daily scenery has my brain zipping with what if's. I start daydreaming about the things that might be, could be, and probably should be, at least by now. The mere thoughts are bringing a smile to my face. I've always said I'm not much of a planner. I have long since considered it a waste of time. It's like banking on the abstract of potential or something. Now, I have mental lists of things I must accomplish. I have secret longings of things I'd like to conquer. Okay, so maybe I just don't sit and constantly wonder if I'll ever get married or have kids. That part I definitely consider a waste of time. Seriously, who really exercises that much control over that part of their life anyway? Perhaps it is the long-term potential that I find to be a complete waste of time. I know my girlfriend would argue with me right now. She'd say it isn't planning a marriage and family. It's preparing or simply wanting it. I guess I'm more of the mindset that one shouldn't waste their brain power on it. Wait until you get to the bridge or something. Better yet, let the horse get there first.


"Strange, thought I knew you well."

As I child, I never shut-up. I never stopped moving. I was always busy, occupied, restless, and looking for a new challenge. (From the stories my family tells me, I was probably some doctor's motivation for Riddlin.) If someone would have told me I'd grow up differently, I probably wouldn't have believed them. Now, I have a hard time believing I ever was such a girl. Somewhere, I crossed a line and never knew it. No one warned me of it either. I didn't see a chalky line and decide I boldly jump over it. I never walked it like a balance beam to feel both sides with my feet first. I don't remember tripping on it. Perhaps it wasn't a line after all. Maybe it was something more like a spectrum, and I'm walking to the other side of it. That seems to make more sense considering I've been so oblivious to my own change. I thought most people caught glimpses of themselves and had to make strong aversions in order to alter their make up. And here I am on the other end wondering how I got here. If I walked to this point, is there any way I could walk back? A few steps? Maybe to the middle? I'm not asking to turn back the clocks or anything. I would like the walk backwards to be subconscious though. Now that is probably asking for too much.
Do We Have Lift Off?

Hmpf. This isn't so hard, or is it?