This Felt So Good

I have owned a really nice camera for far too long and not done much with it. I find it so intimidating, and because I hate to read directions and manuals, I have had to rely on my ability to just play with a device to figure out how to operate it. Generally, this routine works out well for me, but this camera still stumps me. Two weekends ago, some friends from ATL got together with one of my girlfriends from Nashville. Because I am drawn to stupid things like font and signage, I wanted to try this restaurant out. There is a reason for good marketing, in my opinion, and luckily, it did not steer me wrong.

This is a restaurant on West Peachtree between 8th and 9th street. Since trying it out, I have already been back twice and brought two other people to it. I am in love with this block in midtown. It is connected to a new building called Plaza Midtown, and there are several new boutique shops with the absolute coolest marketing. I love independent thinking and design. Perhaps it is my creative side that always lurks within me, but I can fall in love with a place solely on their font choice.

After dinner with my girls, the rain had finally subsided. Even though we were on our way out, I made my girlfriend pull over so I could hike in my stilettos and get some shots. Partly because I need to push through the learning curve with my camera and partly because I just miss taking shots of pure randomness. I'm not completely in love with what I got. After 25 pictures, I'd say 3-5 are okay, but at least I'm learning.

Marlow's Tavern

Steel Restaurant & Lounge, definitely on my list to try soon.