We'll Be In the Old Folks Home Together

Me: Hey go check out this website called Sneaky Sunday. It's really cool.

Five minutes later...

Her: Okay, Sneaky Friday is not coming up. How do you spell it?


Her: Ohhhh.

Her: Well, just so you know, Sneaky Friday is not a website.

Me, dryly: Thanks.

Her: I help where I can!


I cannot lie. I found out about Sneaky Sunday here.


Fishs Eddy

This store is just so awesome and such a cool find, which I totally owe to the best tour guide ever, my friend Lindsey*. Lindsey and I met at my part-time job many years ago. She told me she was going away to college in New York City. Having never been to NY, I begged her to let me ride along in her suitcase. She smiled uncomfortably knowing only my first name. I batted my brown eyes harder.

About two years later (maybe?), my dad landed a 5-day trip to NY. Lindsey was living there and very familiar with the city at this point. She mapped out everything we should do and showed me the entire city. I sweated my ass off, a most hated activity, and followed everywhere she suggested.

I got another awesome offer this year. A former co-worker invited me to stay for four days with her in NY. I ended up being by myself most of the time, which is awesome for an introverted person such as myself. I just happened to be walking on Broadway to return a camera lens from a rental shop, which was an extra awesome idea by the way. When I looked up and spied ABC Carpet and Home, my memory clicked, and I thought, "Fishs Eddy!" I looked up to see the black and white sign just poking out another block up.

*Lindsey went to Parsons School of Design—where every major fashion designer graduated. She is super, super smart and an awesome creative talent. She has grown up to be everything I ever wanted to be. I hate her and love her for it. She now runs Lemon Tree Paper, creating beautiful, custom invitations and stationery, and you should totally go check it out. I could not be more amazed or proud of her.

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