I like to call this one, "My Idea of Dinner"

And because I'm a real woman, let it be known I polished off that whole thing, by myself. You would have lost a hand if you dared to come between us.

God, I can still smell it. Courtesy of Houston's Restaurant.


The Bedroom Window



And He Wonders Why I Can't Just Leave Him Be

I mean, look at those big, golden toes.


For Your Viewing Pleasure

Of course I saw it opening night. I worship at the Brad Pitt alter. Doesn't everyone? And Angelina isn't too bad either. For all their hyped "sexual chemistry," I will just say that the best part of the movie is by far the comedy and double entendres. It's riddled with them. I was fearful that the trailers might have leaked the funniest parts of the movie, but that wasn't the case.

And yes, I whipped out the camera in the movie, only slightly embarrassing my company.


I Know People Who Know People Who Really KNOW PEOPLE

Okay, so a friend of mine needed some help on mail merging, and as I scrolled through the document she sent me, I see I'm looking at the home address of "Ms. M. Lewinsky," and I kind of started that whole thing I do where, OH MY GOD, THAT'S MONICA LEWISKY! HOLY SHIT! CELEBRITY!!! And then I see Jack and Kate Spade and Maggie Gyllenhaal, and I am so ready to poop my pants.

My friend says to me. "I've had this contact list all year. If I knew it meant that much to you, I would have shared it sooner. I have their phone numbers too."

I immediately said, "Just so you know, I'm totally blogging this...Holy crap!...Marc Jacobs!


I'm solid GOLD!

So not only do the people at Miss Muff'n and New York Prime know me, but now, I'm GOLD with Starwood hotels.

I think I've arrived.
Farewell, Yvette

We wish you the best.