Okay, apparently, Blogger hasn't fixed shit.  Yeah.
Could It Be?

First off, it's been so long since my last post, that Blogger has added way more options.  These features will be nifty if they managed to work out a few other kinks--kinks that have totally made me not want to ever post again.

I was searching Netscape for some cheap airfare.  They typically lists lots of "airfare sales," that are basically on sale with restrictions to cities and times.  I ask why is it not possible to find any stinking sales from/to Atlanta or Memphis, but the city of Dubuque is listed.  Where the f*%$ is that? 

Holy shit!  Do I get to post pictures now?  [Gasp]  This is turning out to be a good day, minus that whole airfare complaint. 


Feeling Furrowed

My music, or rather my purchased music from I-Tunes, was just referred to as "ghetto." I was listening to Nina Simone, Modest Mouse, and Franz Ferdinand. I hardly think any of those even come close to being ghetto. The same perp then said one would need to be smoking a joint to enjoy my music. AGAIN, I was offended. I enjoy it and have never even so much as smoked a cigarette.


Swoop, There It Is!

I had to post a cheesy title because I have never been this stinking excited in my whole entire life. I just got FRONT ROW TICKETS for Alanis Morissette, and I GET TO MEET HER!

I got the tickets through an on-line auction, which I had never used before; however, the first bidding round I lost to some chump. I had been in the lead for a week, and then out of nowhere, some a-hole trumped me. I tried desperately to recapture my crown, but I couldn't beat the a-hole. I did learn a lesson. Be the swooper, not the swoopee.

So, instead of placing an early bid, I waited, and lunged with such precision thinking that I captured those damn tickets. And when I go to this concert, I plan on finding the a-hole who trumped me and rubbing it in his/her face. Because not only did I end up scoring the tickets, I paid less than half of what I was bidding in a fury of frustration and total desperation two weeks ago.

Oh, Alanis. They are going to have to peel me off of you!