Wall of Flowers


I'm Changing My Name to Grace

I just tripped, not once, but twice, in front of four guys. Their looks need not matter when such instances of lacking balance take place. Only the facts matter. My pants are too long, and I put the heel of my other foot into the extra wide cuff...twice.

Twice people. Twice. As if once weren't bad enough.

I do actually use my camera for other things besides taking pictures of hot musicians.


I Nearly Cracked My Vagina for This Man

And no, the title wasn't really meant to just tease you. I went to see Rob Thomas at the Orpheum in St. Louis. My seats were horrible, so I thought I could walk along the chairs to gain access to the isle. I was doing quite well, and as I remembered to look out for the arm rests in my high heeled shoes, my left leg slipped through the back of the chair, flipping it up. My crotch bone landed with a thud onto the front tip of the chair. I noted some pain in my right knee, and realized the pain in my crotch hadn't been felt like that in almost two decades. But all I could do was laugh. I was laughing so hard that I couldn't lift myself off of the chair for a few seconds.

As I managed to get up, I had to sneak down the isle with security giving me the stink eye. Later in the show, I found a much better spot. The above shot was actually taken with my Canon Powershot S500; however, I also took some with an older 35mm camera that has seriously obscene zooming capabilities. In fact, one of the girls at the concert did a double take and said, "Wow, that's a zoom lens." My problem with the older camera is that I don't have the option to adjust the shutter speed. At concerts, it's incredibly difficult to take pictures. Between the artistic colored lighting and being hundreds of feet away, your subject looks like a spec. If you use the zoom, the shutter time has to be decreased in order to keep the subject from becoming a huge blur. I have plenty of evidence to prove this truth should anyone ever argue with me. However, my new camera is really, really bad at zooming.

Anyway, I can think of few people worth splitting my girl parts for. I am really hoping some of my other shots came out. If not, this picture is really the only decent one I captured.


Obsession with Glittery Objects

Can You Speak Shop Talk

It's comforting to know that when permanent marker somehow leaks all over your outfit, the very one people have been complimenting , you can call your favorite store to waste money on replacing it. I am actually grateful that I have worked in retail since I was sixteen and know just how to locate that VERY LAST PAIR OF PANTS that I MUST replace. What would my wardrobe be without it? They were even nice enough to tell me the pants go on sale more tomorrow.

I'm going to shove that faulty marker up someone's ass later.



Having this blog has been kind of neat, I must admit. But lately, people have been giving me their opinions on it, which in turn, gives me mixed feelings. I didn't start writing this blog for any reason other than myself. I have bought numerous diaries and journals in my life, only to write in them three times and give up. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and my own handwriting drives me insane. Mistakes that cannot be lifted from the page cause my mouth to twist in frustration. Typing has been my answer since I was in fourth grade. So the progression to an online journal was a natural one for me.

Having other people read this website doesn't really bother me. Mainly because I don't know who is reading this journal unless they either tell me or email me, and each time, I find myself suddenly surprised and slightly alarmed. My immediate reaction is worry--judgment of some sort.

My sister has been pouring over this website. She and I don't have a very good relationship. It's good if we talk about once a month and we probably both prefer the conversation be kept under thirty minutes. We just clash, and we really always have. In her spiteful, loving way, she continually questions why I haven't mentioned certain things or people on this website--people who have influenced me in great ways, (and by great, she means boys that have torn my heart in two and then returned to stomp on it).

All I can say is that I have made very conscious decisions on what I write here. This blog is me, for better or worse. It's how I see things around me. I imagine most blogs are like that. If you are shocked by what you read, then perhaps you should be. You are, after all, peering into a part of myself that I do not often reveal. I would hope that you wouldn't look behind the current and say, "Oh, I totally knew that was there."

So, this is me. Exposed. There you have it.